Company Profile

Company Profile

We search nationwide for the best recreation loan programs.

We Help Make Memories

At My Financing USA, we believe in the adventure of life. Connecting customers with products that bring them memories that will last a lifetime with family and friends is the fuel that drives us. We make it simple and easy. We do the work of finding the best way to access that life, so customers can focus on finding the right RV or boat or other fun outdoor vehicle for them.

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Why We Started

The process to obtain financing for an RV or boat is clouded with misinformation on what financing options are available in the industry and how recreation financing actually works.

Customers were also forced to secure financing through their sellers. This limits a customer's options when they cannot go somewhere else to get financing unless they go through the finance process all over again. This also increases inquiries to their credit and potentially damages their credit rating. Many sellers are not experts in the best financial options available for customers or are influenced by which lender will pay them the most.

We decided there was a better way.

We search nationwide for the best lenders. When you apply at My Financing USA, we pre-screen your credit to determine which lenders if any are the best match for you, before your information is sent to any lender partner. If we can't pre-qualify you, you won't see a single inquiry on your credit. If we do pre-qualify you, we only send you to the lender who has the best program that matches your unique needs.

This gives you the power to choose any seller in the US and find the best price for the RV or boat you have your eye on and the confidence that you saved money and saved potentially harmful inquiries on your credit.

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How It Began

With a dream and a wish to make things easier for our customers, on May 4, 2003 our founders launched the first of two websites, in partnership with just a few experienced lenders in the industry. In the first month, we received over 500 applications. A year later in 2004, we followed with As we added products beyond RVs and Boats, we combined the brands under ten years later.

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Combined Brand Under

Meet Our Management Team

Thomas W Carrier CEO

Thomas W Carrier

Chief Executive Officer

Kim Kannapel

Kim Kannapel

Chief Operations Officer

Kris Bailey CIO

Kris Bailey

Chief Information Officer

Aaron Bush

Aaron Bush

Customer Care Manager

Brent Lewellen - Sr Loan Manager

Brent Lewellen

Senior Loan Manager

Jordan Green

Jordan Green

Senior Loan Manager

John Browning

John Browning

Funding Manager

Christopher Funk - Communications Manager

Christopher Funk

Operations Support Manager

Amber Lazrovitch - Development Manager

Amber Lazrovitch

Development Manager

Shawna Howze - Title Manager

Shawna Howze

Title Manager

Amelia Williamson - Executive Assistant

Amelia Williamson

Executive Assistant

The Search For Lenders Continues...

My Financing USA continues to search for new lending programs that meet the need of our customers. As you can see, a large number of loans still go unfunded since the beginning of 2019. Updated May 1, 2020.



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