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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers!

What are your rates and terms?
Is your website secure? Do you sell my information to other companies?
Do I have to purchase from a dealer?
How much can I borrow?
What are the minimum application requirements?
What might disqualify me?
Do you offer Refinancing?
Am I able to finance extended warranty, GAP, and/or Tire & Wheel with the purchase?
Do you offer programs with no down payment?
Can I count my spouses income?
Do you work with bankruptcy?
Am I able to finance the tax and filing fees into my loan?
What is a VIN/Emissions/Safety inspection & why do I need one?
How many credit inquiries will there be?
Who does the title work?
What happens after submitting the application?
What is NADA Guides?
Why are the interest rates higher than my car loan?
Can my child be on the application with me?
What are your fees?
How long will it take to receive my plates and/or registration/decals?
What if my seller does not have a current title or registration?
Why cant I add my spouse/relative to the title/registration?
Why do you need a Title Clerk Authorization from the seller?
How long after I sign documents will I receive my funds?
Who do I give my down payment to?
Can you send my check directly to the seller or dealer?
Can you wire or ACH the funds for my loan?
How will I receive my money after I close?
What are the insurance requirements?
What happens if the seller still has a loan on the unit?
Why do you need the sellers information?
When will I sign loan documents?
How long is my approval valid?
How long does it take after you apply?
Can I buy a park model, tiny home, toter home, bus conversion, school bus, custom models or houseboat?
What if the park model or tiny home is RVIA registered as a Travel Trailer?
I have owned my own business less than 2 years, will this affect my chances?
Can I get financed for a unit with a salvage title?
I write off much of my income as a business owner, will this be a problem?
Can I use my bank statements to verify my income?
Can I finance a truck to pull the RV/Boat I want to finance?
Can I buy out of state?
How does it work if my unit is on order?
Will this affect my credit?
What credit bureaus do you use?
Can I get pre-approved?
What lenders do you work with?