Frequently asked questions

What are your rates and terms?
Is your website secure? Do you sell my information to other companies?
Do I have to purchase from a dealer?
What are the minimum application requirements?
Do you offer Refinancing?
Do you offer programs with no down payment?
Can I count my spouses income?
What happens after submitting the application?
What are your fees?
How long after I sign documents will I receive my funds?
What happens if the seller still has a loan on the unit?
How long is my approval valid?
How long does it take after you apply?
Can I get financed for a unit with a salvage title?
What unit types do you finance?
Can I buy out of state?
Will this affect my credit?
What credit bureaus do you use?
Can I get pre-approved?
Can I finance a boat motor only?
Can I qualify if I don't have a Social Security number?

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