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Whether you've already found a new boat or you're still looking for the right vessel, we can help you find the best boat loan rates and terms available. After you identify current boat loan interest rates, you can use a boat finance calculator to figure out what your costs may be.
If you are interested in information about boat financing interest rates and learning how to calculate your potential monthly payment, we'll help you understand the process. See how much you can afford with our free online boat loan payment calculator.

Use Our Boat Loan Finance Calculator

Use our online boat loan calculators to calculate your monthly boat loan and payment. These tools will help you determine what monthly payment you may be able to afford when you are looking to finance a used or new boat. 

To use our boat loan rates calculators, enter your chosen amount, estimated loan term and estimated interest rate. After you enter the information, our boat financing rates calculator will compute an estimate of your monthly payment. Plug this number into your monthly budget to determine whether this payment may work for you. If not, continue experimenting with rates and terms to find the payment that fits your budget.

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Real Boat Loan Payments

At My Financing USA, we know boating is not just a luxury, it is a way of life. That's why our mission has always been to provide the best boat loan programs to customers no matter what their credit score is.

as low as


MONTHLY 6.25% (120mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 6.25% (180mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 6.25% (240mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 9.90% (120mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 9.90% (180mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 9.90% (240mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 13.99% (120mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 13.99% (144mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 13.99% (240mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 17.95% (120mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 17.95% (144mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 17.95% (180mo)

So what are boat loan average interest rates? Our current boat finance rates range from Rates Between 5.99% and 19.95%. Your rates vary based on how much you're financing, the boat's age, your credit score and your location. Our boat financing programs serve various types of credit situations, whether you have a score as high as 800 or as low as 550. 

Our boat financing terms range from 60 months up to 240 months — or five years to 20 years — which vary based on how much you're financing, your boat's age and your credit score and history. Here's how your loan's term relates to how much you're financing:

  • 20 years: You may be able to secure financing for 20 years for a $75K+ loan.
  • 15 years: You may be able to secure financing for 15 years for a $25K to $74K loan.
  • 12 years: You may be able to secure financing for 12 years for a $20K to $24K loan.
  • 10 years: You may be able to secure financing for 10 years for a $10K to $19K loan.

Since we offer the longest possible boat loan terms and no prepayment penalties, you can pay off your loan as fast as you want, along with having the lowest payment option. With our boat loan calculator tool, you can estimate what your monthly payment may look like.

Terms and current new boat loan rates are subject to change. Approvals are good for 30 days.

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It's time to have fun and do something for yourself. Getting a bAt My Financing USA, we offer boat financing, RV financing and motorhome financing, along with extended warranties, service contracts, tire coverage, gap waivers and wheel coverage. Our process is simple:

1. Apply online: Use our Norton Secured website to submit your information safely.
2. Find your loan: Next, we will verify your details to help match you with the best boat loan program for you.
3. Sign and hit the water: Finally, you will sign the closing documents, which you can do conveniently on your phone. After you sign, you can pick up your boat and hit the water!

When you submit an application, we'll schedule a consultation with you to discuss your goals and expectations. We'll discuss your lender options with you, including current boat loan rates, and help you find the lender that approves your application while reducing unnecessary hard inquiries.
If we're unable to get you approved the first time around, we can also provide you with credit consulting to repair your credit. Once you are approved, you'll submit your proof of income online and close on your loan. Ready to finance the boat of your dreams? Apply for a boat loan at My Financing USA today.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

All programs are subject to credit approval and may change at any time. Not available in all states. Payments shown are real examples of potential payments. Your final payment may be different based on a number of factors including credit, age of the collateral, tase and fees, and your down payment.

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