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Many Americans are hitting the open road to quench their thirst for adventure — and a recreational vehicle, or RV, can offer the flexibility you need for your recreational activities. An RV allows you to travel with the conveniences of home, giving you a place to rest and cook so you can save money and stay comfortable. That's all while you're out experiencing the great outdoors.

It's no secret that RVs are an investment. Therefore, before you purchase one, you may want to know more about new RV loan rates and used RV financing rates. What is the going rate for RV loans? Are the current RV loan interest rates affordable for you? Every RV owner should know the answer to these questions so they can choose the best option for them.
If you're looking for more information about the best RV financing rates and calculating your potential monthly payment and total loan amount, this guide will help you navigate the process. Use our free online RV finance calculator to see how much you can afford.

RV Rates & Payments

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as low as


MONTHLY 7.24% (120mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 6.99% (180mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 6.49% (240mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 11.69% (120mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 11.89% (144mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 12.09% (180mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 15.95% (120mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 15.95% (144mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 15.95% (180mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 17.75% (120mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 17.75% (144mo)

as low as


MONTHLY 17.95% (180mo)

What is a good interest rate for an RV loan? Our current rates for RV loans range from Rates Between 6.49% and 19.95% based on several factors, such as the amount you're financing, the type of RV, the age of the RV, your location, your credit score and your credit history. The rates we offer are fixed APRs, which means your interest rate won't change due to index variables throughout the loan period. As a result, you don't have to worry about fluctuating interest rates that could make you pay more over time.

Use Our RV Loan Calculator

Use our RV financing calculator to calculate your monthly RV loan payment. When you're looking to finance an RV, our RV loan rate calculators will help you determine what you can afford for a new or used vehicle. 

To use our new and used RV loan payment calculator, enter your estimated loan term, interest rate and amount. After entering the information, our RV loan interest calculator will give you an estimated amount for your monthly payment. You can then use this number in your monthly budget to help you decide whether the amount would work for you.

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At My Financing USA, we work with many clients who dream of owning an RV but are concerned that RV ownership isn't within their reach. If you dream of owning an RV, we can help you get out on the road so you can experience the great outdoors with your family and friends. We'll help you secure financing for an RV, even if you don't have the perfect credit score or credit history.

When you complete our online RV application, you may be approved in just 48 to 72 hours. If you're ready to purchase an RV, take a few minutes to apply for RV financing at My Financing USA today or contact us to learn more about how to finance your RV. Before long, you should be able to make your dream a reality.

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