Guide to Financing an RV

A recreational vehicle gives you the opportunity to travel and explore the country with all the conveniences of home at any time. At My Financing USA, we can help make your dreams of RV ownership come true. We can provide financing options to fit your needs, regardless of your credit score. This guide covers how to finance an RV purchase and answers frequently asked questions about the process of securing an RV loan.

What Are RV Loans?

RV loans allow buyers to finance a new or used RV, camping trailer or motorhome that is too expensive to purchase in a single lump sum.

RV loans allow buyers to finance a new or used RV, camping trailer or motorhome that is too expensive to purchase in a single lump sum. RVs vary significantly in size and luxury, so RV loans can offer very different terms and rates. While similar to a car loan, an RV is typically a larger and more complex purchase, so the rates tend to be higher and the terms for repayment are usually longer. 

Since an RV can have a high price point, financing may be the only way to fulfill your dreams of RV ownership. Depending on the lender and type of RV, you can get a loan for tens of thousands of dollars paid over a few years or for hundreds of thousands of dollars paid over decades. If you are buying a less expensive RV, you may be able to make the purchase with a personal loan. However, personal loans carry much higher rates and shorter terms, which means you will have a higher loan payment. 

If you are buying a more expensive RV, however, you likely will need to apply for a collateral loan. With these loans, the RV serves as collateral, so if you default on the loan, the lender will repossess and sell your RV. The specific rates and terms you can qualify for depend on the RV you want to purchase, your financial circumstances and your lender.

How Do I Finance an RV?

How Do I Finance an RV?

Similar to other types of loans, you will submit an application, and your application will be reviewed by lenders. They will use several factors to evaluate you as a potential borrower, including your credit score, location and your price range. If you want to know how you can finance a motorhome or RV, follow the steps below:

1. Consider What Kind of RV You Want

RV costs vary depending on the size, age and type of vehicle. Interior finishes and add-on features can also cause a small RV's cost to increase dramatically. As you begin seeking an RV loan, determine what you want in an RV and how you will be using it. 

Consider whether you will be using your RV to travel full-time or whether you will be traveling only on the weekends. Will you be camping in rugged terrains or cold climates? If so, you may need an off-road or winterized RV. Once you understand what RV lifestyle you want, write a list of the features you must have and features that would be nice to have.

2. Determine How Much You Want to Spend

After you know what kind of RV you want, research the average cost of those RVs and determine whether this average cost is reasonable for your current financial situation. Calculate how much you can afford for an RV by reviewing your budget. How much disposable income do you have each month? How much of that are you willing to allocate to an RV loan payment, along with other related costs like insurance, maintenance, fuel and storage?

You can use our RV loan payment calculator to help determine how much you can comfortably afford. We offer better options than the typical financing for an RV, with interest rates that range from 3.49% to 17.99%. The interest rate we can help you obtain depends on a number of factors, including the type of RV, the age of the RV, your credit score, your location and the amount you plan on financing.

3. Decide on a Down Payment

Many lenders require a down payment of at least 10%, though putting down more can help you secure a more affordable monthly payment and reduce the overall cost of your RV loan. How much you are required to put toward a down payment depends on your lender and the type of RV loan. When you find the perfect RV, review your savings and determine whether you want to save more for a down payment.

If you have poor credit, a larger down payment can increase your odds of being approved for an RV loan, as it reduces the amount of financing you need and decreases the risk to the lender. If you do not have much in savings, you may still be able to receive 100%, which we can provide at My Financing USA on a case-by-case basis.

4. Review Your Credit Score

The interest rate you will qualify for is largely determined by your credit score. While other factors like the size of your loan can play a role, creditworthiness is often the factor that makes or breaks RV financing. To ensure you are eligible for the best available RV loan interest rates, review your credit score and determine whether you need to increase your score before shopping for a loan.

If you choose My Financing USA, we can help you finance an RV with bad credit. Our minimum required credit score is 550, and we have programs that even allow for past credit issues such as bankruptcies, late payments or collections. If you would like to improve your credit, we offer a free consultation to help you increase your score. By reducing your debt and paying your bills on time, you may be able to improve your credit and get better RV loan offers.

5. Compare Lenders

The terms and rates you may be eligible for will vary by lender, so it's essential to compare the lenders who are offering you financing. Carefully read the fine print before you sign, as you should know how long the repayment period is for the loan, the minimum credit score and whether there are limits placed on your RV's age.

Compare your loan terms and interest rates, as these can greatly affect how much you pay in total for your financing and are often the deciding factors for which loan offer and lender is the right choice. Keep in mind that you should compare interest rates for the same type of loan. If a loan offer comes with a lower rate, it may also come with a shorter term, so you will have to pay your loan back faster. 

6. Fill Out an Application

More paperwork is required to complete an application than for the pre-approval process. When filling out an application, you may need to provide information about the RV you want to purchase, your employment history and your financial information, such as your debts and assets. After your application is approved or denied, you will receive the decision via email. When you complete an application with us at My Financing USA, you won't have to pay an application fee. 

7. Get Pre-Approved

To get pre-approved, you may need to submit some of your information, such as your financial statements, credit score and previous year's tax return.

Next, get pre-approved for a loan by a lender. To get pre-approved, you may need to submit some of your information, such as your financial statements, credit score and previous year's tax return. You may also be asked what RV you are looking to purchase. With My Financing USA, this can be changed later, and one of our loan officers will instruct you on how you can change this information. 

After you get pre-approved, the lender will give you a pre-approval letter, which you can use to show sellers you are a serious buyer. You will also likely feel more confident when making an offer, as you'll know you already have a financing option. We suggest closing a minimum of 10 days before your approval is set to expire so there will be enough time for funding.

8. Negotiate to Get the Best Available Terms

When you are looking to buy an RV, you want to ensure you are getting the best possible price. Dealerships tend to mark up the prices on RVs and expect customers to negotiate the price down. Depending on the circumstances and the RV you are interested in buying, you may be able to decrease the price by a few thousand dollars. 

Additionally, there may be extra amenities or incentives you can take advantage of to make the purchase price of the RV more acceptable like upgrades or maintenance. Even if you are not eligible for a low APR, decreasing your purchase price can reduce your overall cost for financing.

9. Close on Your Loan

Finally, you will make an offer on the RV. Your offer should fit within your budget and your pre-approval amount. If the seller accepts your offer, set a closing date and contact your lender. Typically, it takes about four to eight business days to go from application to closing. Of course, how long it takes to close depends on how quickly you can send the usable, valid documents that have been requested. 

After closing, the RV is yours. Once you provide final approval, the seller will receive the funds.

How to Finance a Used Motorhome

With a motorhome, you can travel across the country and visit the nation's most beautiful towns and parks.

With a motorhome, you can travel across the country and visit the nation's most beautiful towns and parks. For some buyers, a used motorhome may be the best, most affordable option. Many used motorhomes are a great investment, as they are less costly than a new motorhome and may have limited mileage. If you are on a budget or you want more room in your RV for less money, you may want to consider purchasing a used vehicle.

When you choose My Financing USA, you can finance a used RV. Our application process is easy — you simply take a few minutes to complete your application on our website, which is secured by DigiCert Norton VeriSign. 

After filling out your application, you will speak with a real person who will discuss your loan details with you. We will ask you about your expectations and goals for your RV loan. Once we have this information, we can help you determine which loan types may or may not be the right options for you.

We can get you pre-approved and limit our inquiries, which protects your credit score against numerous pulls. After we match you with a lender, we will send you the closing documents, which can be signed directly from your phone. With My Financing USA, you can obtain your check in 48 to 72 hours after submitting your application. Once you receive your check, give it to your dealer and drive your used RV home.

How to Finance an RV or Motorhome With Poor Credit

When you choose My Financing USA, you can get financed for an RV even with a low credit score.

If you have less-than-stellar credit, you may be doubting whether you can pursue your dream of RV ownership. However, when you choose My Financing USA, you can get financed for an RV even with a low credit score. We know poor credit may mean you've gone through a difficult period and fell behind financially — something that can happen to any of us. A challenging financial time in your past shouldn't hinder your ability to fulfill your dreams and lead the life you want to live.

We will search across the nation to find you the best RV loan terms and rates, so you can finance a motorhome even with bad credit. If you receive a rejection on your application, we will start the process again. We can help applicants with credit scores as low as 550 find an RV loan. Even if your past includes late payments, collections or bankruptcy, we are happy to discuss your RV financing options.

To safeguard your credit, we will reduce additional dings by spacing out submissions for inquiries and limiting how many lenders we are in contact with at once. You also won't face any hidden fees from vendors, and all your personal information will be secured by our website. We offer a selection of financing options from fair, flexible lenders with programs that meet your expectations and needs.

We can also offer a credit repair program to help increase your credit score, which can allow you to become a more reasonable risk to lenders. By making payments on time, lowering your credit utilization and paying off debts, you can improve your score. After you complete the program, we can return to your application.

How Much Does It Cost to Finance an RV?

A new RV can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $300,000.

The cost to finance an RV depends on the price of the RV, the interest rate you qualify for, your financing terms, the size of the RV, the make and model and the RV's internal furnishings. Typically, brand new RVs can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $300,000. Use our RV payment calculator to determine how much your RV loan may cost you each month. You can input the amount, term and your rate to calculate your monthly payment.

If you want to pay a lower monthly payment, you may want to obtain a longer financing term. At My Financing USA, we offer financing terms up to 240 months, or 20 years. A longer term can also mean you pay more in interest over the course of the loan, so you may want to opt for a shorter term to lower your total cost. Along with the cost of the loan, keep in mind that you may have upfront costs, such as a down payment.

Can You Finance an Older RV?

At My Financing USA, we work to find the right financing option for you.

Many lenders place limits on the age of RVs they will finance. Fortunately, it's still possible to finance an older RV. At My Financing USA, we work to find the right financing option for you. Credit unions or even personal loans can sometimes be used to finance older rigs. Keep in mind that many lenders charge higher interest rates on older motorhomes and may require good credit and a sizeable down payment. 

At My Financing USA, we can finance RVs from 2009 or newer. RVs that are older than this are financed on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in an older RV and uncertain whether you can finance your purchase, discuss your option with us. Keep in mind that we are unable to finance units with salvage titles.

Where to Finance an RV

We provide personalized service to help you identify the best RV loan for your unique needs and circumstances.

Motorhomes are financed through loans from financial institutions or dealerships. Financial institutions like banks or credit unions tend to be better options than dealerships, as you are more likely to get a better interest rate and you can avoid aggressive sales tactics. When you get pre-approved with a lender, you can stick to a budget and ensure you make a purchase that offers the monthly payments you're comfortable making. 

My Financing USA is the best place to finance an RV. We provide personalized service to help you identify the best RV loan for your unique needs and circumstances. We search across the nation to identify the best interest rates and loan terms available, and we are happy to partner with you to identify a financing solution. Choose My Financing USA if you are seeking:

  • Credit protection: We can get you pre-qualified, reducing the number of inquiries on your credit.
  • Quick approval: When you apply for financing through my Financing USA, you can acquire your funding in just 48 to 72 hours.
  • Simplicity: Complete the entire application process online, from providing your information to signing your closing documents.

Along with these benefits, we offer extras like gap waivers and a wheel and tire program. If we cannot get you approved for an RV loan the first time, we offer a free credit consultation to improve your credit score and increase your chances of getting a loan.

Apply for an RV Loan 

Apply for an RV Loan from My Financing USA today.

The best way to finance an RV or motorhome is by applying for an RV loan with My Financing USA today. Follow the steps below to apply for an RV loan:

  1. Fill out an application: Complete an application on our website secured by DigiCert Norton VeriSign. 
  2. Get your information verified: Next, we will confirm the information you provided. You will speak with an expert loan officer to discuss the details of your application. We let you know which step you are on in the financing process and ensure your expectations align with our available resources.
  3. Receive your lender match: To find the best option for you, we will send your provided information to lenders until we locate a match. To shield your credit score during this process, we stick to a limit of three inquiries from a bureau. 
  4. Sign your documents: You can conveniently sign closing documents on your phone and submit them to us. Typically, it takes about one to three business days to verify and approve closing documents.
  5. Get your RV: After the lender approves your closing documents, you can pick up your RV and hit the road.

Our application process is entirely online and takes just minutes, giving you convenience and flexibility throughout the process. Contact us if you have any questions about how to get financed for an RV.

How Long to Finance a Boat

For many people, recreational boating is a popular form of entertainment. Whether you're looking to fish, tube with friends or relax on the water, owning a boat can give you the flexibility to get out on the water anytime you wish. However, it's no secret owning a boat is an investment, which is why most boat owners choose to finance.

Before purchasing your boat, it's beneficial to know how many years boat financing is and how much you can expect to spend over the term of your loan. How many years you finance a boat can impact your monthly payment and interest rate, so you'll want to learn everything you can before you pick a loan. Here's our guide on boat financing to help.

How Long Does It Take to Finance a Boat?

If you've ever purchased a home or car, the process of financing a boat may be familiar to you, though there are some key differences. How many years you can finance a new or used boat is affected by the following factors:

The Boat's Age and Condition

The age of the boat you're looking to buy can have a significant effect on the term a lender is willing to offer you. In most cases, the newer the boat, the longer the term. Many lenders place a cap on the age of boats they consider for financing, and others will only finance new boats. However, even if you want to buy an older boat, you still have financing options. 

Many lenders may be willing to fund older boats as long as they're high quality. While a lender may not finance an older boat that costs $30,000 and is worth $30,000, they may finance an older boat that costs $30,000 but is ultimately valued at $40,000.Keep your future boat's age and condition in mind.

The Boat's Price

The purchase price of your boat can significantly impact how long a lender is willing to let you repay your loan.

The purchase price of your boat can significantly impact how long a lender is willing to let you repay your loan. Typically, larger loans can be financed longer than smaller loans because they'll likely take more time to pay. Many lenders have requirements for minimum loan amounts to be eligible for certain term periods.

The Interest Rate

The interest rate you qualify for may also impact how long you want to finance your boat. If lenders are only willing to offer higher interest rates because you have lower credit, you may not want to finance your boat for a long period of time because you'll pay more for the total cost of your loan. On the other hand, you may actually want a longer loan term if you have a higher interest rate, as that can make your monthly payment more affordable. 

With standard boat loans, interest rates are either fixed or adjustable.

  • Fixed-rate loans: The most common type of financing for boats is a fixed-rate loan. This type of loan means your interest rate won't change throughout the duration of your boat loan, and your payment will be consistent each month, making budgeting much easier.
  • Adjustable-rate loans: With an adjustable-rate boat loan, your interest rate can change based on the market. As a result, your interest rate may change while you're paying off your loan, and your monthly payment may increase. The positive to this type of loan is it can be considerably low at times.

While most buyers prefer fixed-rate boat loans so their payments will be predictable, some buyers may not qualify for reasonable fixed rates because of their credit history, and an adjustable rate may offer a low introductory rate. For our customers' peace of mind, My Financing USA only offers fixed-rate loans with no prepayment penalties.

The Down Payment 

Many lenders require a down payment for a boat purchase. The amount you'll need to put down on your boat depends on the lender and the price. Some lenders will finance a boat loan without a down payment, but taking that route can put you in a poor financial position depending on the vessel's depreciation.

A down payment can also reduce your monthly payment and the total interest you'll pay for your boat loan, as it'll decrease the amount of financing you need. If your main concern is an affordable monthly payment, you may want to have a down payment.

Your Credit Score

Your credit history can also impact which boat loan terms you can select. While some lenders are willing to offer boat financing to borrowers who have subprime credit, they may have requirements for a low debt-to-income ratio and a down payment. Others may not be willing to offer financing to borrowers with low credit scores. If you have good or excellent credit, you may be offered better rates and terms.

The Type of Boat

Many of today's powerboats are lumped together and financed for similar amounts of time. Therefore, if you're purchasing a powerboat, you likely won't find much variation in the financing options available to you. However, there are some outliers lenders may treat differently, such as:

  • Sailboats
  • Liveaboard boats
  • Pontoon boats
  • Multi-hull boats
  • High-performance boats or boats with wood hulls

If you're looking to purchase one of these vessels, lenders may be less flexible with the terms they offer or not offer options for financing at all. For example, financing a liveaboard boat can be complicated due to the laws surrounding residences and homeownership. If a boat is riskier to finance for any reason, you may find fewer ways to finance.

Fortunately, when you choose My Financing USA, we search across the nation to find you the best rate and lender for various types of boats.

How Many Years Can I Finance a Boat?

If you're wondering how long you can get a boat loan for, you'll be happy to know you can finance a boat for many years. While lenders used to offer shorter boat loan terms, boats are now built better than ever, so lenders can use them as collateral for longer periods of time. As a result, lenders are willing to finance boats for more years, making boat ownership affordable for more borrowers.

How Many Years Can I Finance a New Boat?

When it comes to financing a new boat, you usually do so for as long as 20 years, which is longer than terms for auto loans and even some home mortgages.

Though often compared to auto loans, boat loans greatly differ in the terms offered. When it comes to financing a new boat, you usually do so for as long as 20 years, which is longer than terms for auto loans and even some home mortgages. Essentially, you can finance a new boat for a long time.

Whether you should accept a lengthy loan term depends on several factors, such as what you can afford for a monthly payment and what interest rates you qualify for. Ensure you can truly afford your loan on top of the other costs of boat ownership, such as storage and maintenance. The cost to upkeep your boat will likely be about 10% of your boat's price each year.

If you double your loan term, a lender may only be willing to offer a slightly higher rate or require a larger down payment. Additionally, the longer your loan term, the more you'll pay in total interest, so if you want to keep the long-term costs of your loan down, you may want to select a shorter term. Since My Financing USA doesn't offer any loans with prepayment penalties, you may choose to split the difference and finance for a longer term to keep your payments low while paying the loan off early to save on the interest.

How Many Years Can I Finance a Used Boat?

Like a new boat, you can finance a used boat for as long as 20 years. The financing options for used boats may differ from options for new boats. If a model is old, a lender may not be willing to offer financing whatsoever, as a lender typically needs collateral for a secure loan. While you may see a boat that's cost-effective and ready for a makeover, your lender could see an unreliable asset.

Fortunately, if you find a used boat that suits your needs and preferences, My Financing USA can help you find the financing option that's right for you.

How Long to Finance a Bass Boat

If you intend to use your boat for fishing, a bass boat may be a great option. These vessels feature a flat deck, a powerful outboard engine and aerated livewells to provide the best fishing experience possible. When fishing on a bass boat, you have more control of your boat in shallow water and during periods of high wind.

As with other types of boats, financing for a bass boat will differ based on the vessel's age, location, condition and make and model. For a bass boat, a lender may base the loan terms on the total amount you borrow rather than on the boat's current value. Some factors that impact your interest rate for a bass boat include:

  • Your down payment
  • Your debt-to-income ratio
  • Your creditworthiness

How Long to Finance a Pontoon Boat

If you're looking for a recreational boat to float on the water with your family and friends, a pontoon boat may be the best choice for you. Historically, pontoon boats have been slow-moving, making them great for outdoor activities like fishing, sunbathing and swimming. Today, pontoon boats are a bit faster, and because of their simplicity in design, manufacturers can create high-end interiors that offer a luxury experience.

The financing for a pontoon boat is similar to that of other boats. Like all vessels, new pontoon boats don't hold their value and may depreciate quickly in the first few years, similar to a new car. Typically, the rate of depreciation slows over time, but it's still something to keep in mind. Similar to a bass boat, your financing will be based on the pontoon's characteristics and your financial history.

If you want to know how a loan term can affect your monthly boat loan payment, use our boat payment calculator. Simply input your loan amount and interest rate and try different loan terms to see how the number of years you finance your boat may affect your payment. This calculator works for all boat types.

How Many Years Do Lenders Finance Boats For?

How Many Years Do Lenders Finance Boats For? At My Financing USA, you can finance a boat loan for many years — anywhere from 60 months to 240 months.

Note that loan terms vary from lender to lender and by loan type. A personal loan, also known as an unsecured loan, often comes with shorter loan terms, while lenders who specialize in boat loans may offer longer loan terms. There are two main avenues you can pursue for financing your boat:

  • Credit unions, banks and online lenders: Many borrowers go directly to lenders like credit unions and banks to get financing for a boat. These financial institutions tend to offer some of the best interest rates on the market. If you're a bank or credit union member, you may even qualify for discounts when you finance your boat with them.My Financing USA works with banks and credit unions across the nation to find the best boat loan for you.
  • Dealer financing:The majority of financing for new boats happens through dealerships. These businesses draw in customers, as they're the ones with a wide selection of boats to sell and have relationships with financial institutions that can offer customers boat loans. When a customer expresses interest in a boat at a dealership, they may pursue financing through the dealership or be referred to a bank.

At My Financing USA, you can finance a boat loan for many years — anywhere from 60 months to 240 months. This flexibility means you can pay off your boat as quickly as five years or take up to 20 years to repay your loan. How long you can finance your boat with My Financing USA depends on your loan size:

  • 10 years: You can finance a boat loan of $10,000 to $19,000 for up to 10 years.
  • 12 years: You can finance a boat loan of $20,000 to $24,000 for up to 12 years.
  • 15 years: You can finance a boat loan of $25,000 to $74,000 for up to 15 years.
  • 20 years: You can finance a boat loan of $75,000 or more for up to 20 years.

Along with your loan size, the term you're eligible for depends on your boat's age, your credit history and your down payment. Typically, we require a down payment between 10% and 15%, though we do offer 100% financing as determined on a case-to-case basis. We also require a credit score of at least 550 550 and limit the age of boats to 20 years or newer.

Learn About Boat Financing at My Financing USA

Learn About Boat Financing at My Financing USA

With our high customer satisfaction ratings and our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, My Financing USA stands apart from other boat financing companies. We pride ourselves on the sterling reputation we've developed. The advantages our customers enjoy when they work with us include:

  • The ability to get pre-approved for boat loans
  • Offers of great rates and terms from trusted lenders
  • Closing documents you can sign right on your phone
  • A website secured by Norton VeriSign, which keeps private information safe
  • A friendly team that will respond immediately to your questions

You can learn more about the boat financing we offer at My Financing USA or apply for a boat loan today.

How Long to Finance an RV

Many Americans dream of owning an RV. Whether you want to go camping at nearby parks and campgrounds or travel around the country, an RV can make vacations more affordable and flexible. Forget booking hotel rooms and flights months in advance – pack up your RV and family and hit the road for the weekend.

Unfortunately, many Americans with an ultimate goal of RV ownership believe it is not within their financial means. If you are considering purchasing an RV but aren't sure whether you can afford it, we can help you find the right financing option at My Financing USA.

What Are RV Loans?

RV loans are similar to auto loans, meaning you can finance them for several years. Lending institutions like credit unions and banks generally issue RV loans, along with private RV-related businesses. Though a dealership may claim they will finance you, the loan you will get through a dealership comes from a bank in their network. If you have financed a car or a home, the RV financing process will be familiar. 

A lender will consider the price of your RV, your proof of income, your down payment and your creditworthiness. Along with your rate and down payment, the cost of your RV loan depends on its length. Fortunately, your RV loan term is negotiable. 

How Long Does It Take to Finance an RV?

The RV financing process may seem familiar if you have previously financed a car or home. However, there are some differences between financing an RV and a vehicle, such as how long you can finance an RV or a motorhome. The factors below influence your RV loan term. 

How Long Does It Take to Finance an RV?

The Size of the RV Loan

Your RV's purchase price can significantly impact how many years a lender will allow you to take to repay the loan. Generally, you can finance a larger RV loan longer than a smaller loan. Additionally, many lenders set minimum requirements for loan amounts to qualify for specific terms. For example, a new RV can cost between $6,000 and $300,000 depending on the vehicle's size, model, make and internal furnishings.

At My Financing USA, we offer RV loan terms based on your loan size.

  • 20 years: For an RV loan of at least $75,000, you can finance a new RV for as long as 20 years.
  • 15 years: You can finance an RV for as long as 15 years if you obtain a loan amount between $25,000 and $74,000.
  • 12 years: You can finance a motorhome for as long as 12 years if your loan amount is between $20,000 and $24,000. 
  • 10 years: Even if your loan amount is only between $10,000 and $19,000, you can finance an RV for many years. At My Financing USA, you can finance RVs in this price range for up to 10 years.

We also offer the ability to pay off your loan early with no penalty. Loan sizes vary from lender to lender, so check with each lending institution you are considering.

The Type of RV

Financial institutions will treat most RVs and motorhomes similarly, except in some cases of more experimental vehicles. The following are the different types of RVs you may consider purchasing.

  • Travel trailer: These versatile trailers can serve various purposes. You can use a travel trailer for hauling and vacationing. 
  • Fifth wheel: Fifth wheels are a top choice among those who want to buy an RV. A fifth wheel allows for stable, easier towing and increases living area with over-cab space.
  • Lightweight trailer: A lightweight can be an ideal choice if you are looking for a smaller, more fuel-efficient trailer. These trailers can still come with plenty of amenities and are capable of towing by a smaller vehicle.
  • Expandable trailer: An expandable trailer can be a towable RV, a pop-up camper or a motorized RV. With an add-on or slide-out, you can increase your living space or enhance the feeling of the outdoors.
  • Class A RV: A Class A RV is one of the largest types of RVs. They are often luxurious and spacious and can carry a family of any size on a long-distance trip.
  • Class B RV: Also known as a camper van, a Class B RV is more compact than a Class A RV, but it still features a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.
  • Class C RV: A Class C RV represents the middle ground between the Class A and Class B models and is recognizable by its over-cab sleeping or storage area, which can provide additional living space for a large family hitting the road. Though smaller than a Class A, a Class C motorhome offers much of the same craftsmanship and features. 
  • Toy hauler: A toy hauler is available as a fifth wheel, travel trailer, Class or Class C. This option can offer you extra space to sleep and store your toys, such as a motorcycle or an ATV. 

The Age of the RV

A financial institution will also consider the RV's condition, such as whether the vehicle is new or used. An RV depreciates as it gets older, which means banks and credit unions may be less willing to loan you money over an extended period if your RV is older. While you may still finance an older, used RV, you may only be eligible for a short loan term.

At My Financing USA, we finance RVs from 2009 or later and determine older models on a case-by-case basis. 

Your Credit Score

If you are borrowing money from a lender, they will want to know you have a reliable payment history. Many lenders consider your credit score when determining whether to approve your application and what rates they are willing to offer. The higher your credit score, the more likely you'll be to get approved for a rate and loan term you want. 

Credit ranges may vary by the lending institution, but you can generally expect the following credit score tiers.

  • Deep subprime: This range, typically between 300 and 549, is bad credit.
  • Subprime: This range, usually between 550 and 674, is below-average credit.
  • Prime: This tier, typically between 675 and 749, is average to good credit.
  • Super prime: Super prime is excellent credit, and the range is typically between 750 and 850.

However, even if you have less-than-stellar credit, you may still finance an RV. At My Financing USA, you can prequalify for an RV loan with a credit score as low as 550 550. We understand that everyone has a unique financial history, which is why we are willing to work with people who have previously dealt with credit challenges.

How Many Years Can I Finance an RV?

Many borrowers want to know how long they can finance an RV before starting their search. You finance an RV for many years, often much longer than you finance a car, depending on its price. That's because RVs tend to cost a lot more than cars or trucks. 

How Many Years Can You Finance a New RV or Motorhome?

Ensure you can afford your loan, along with the other costs of RV ownership.

You can finance an RV for many years, especially if it is a new vehicle. The typical timeframe to repay an RV loan is between 5 and 10 years, though a loan term can be as long as 20 years for newer, more expensive vehicles. With a new RV or motorhome, you may have more financing options available, as the collateral will be more valuable and reliable for a lender.

Whether you should obtain a long RV loan term depends on various factors, such as what interest rates you are eligible for and what you can afford to pay each month. Ensure you can afford your loan, along with the other costs of RV ownership. 

  • Insurance: As with any car or home, you will need insurance for your RV. For example, an insurance policy for a $50,000 RV may cost roughly $2,500 per year if you have a good driving record.
  • Maintenance: Every RV requires maintenance for regular service of tires, heating, cooling and toilets, along with winterizing services. Maintenance can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 each year, depending on whether you use your RV exclusively for summer vacations or getaways throughout the year.
  • Storage costs: If you lack the room to store your RV on your property, you may need external storage for your vehicle. Depending on the location and how much space you need, storage could cost about $2,500 each year.
  • Campground fees: Fees can vary significantly from one campground to the next. The range is typically between $20 and $100. Remember this when creating your travel budget.
  • Additional equipment and accessories: You can equip your RV with extra equipment and accessories, such as a water heater, infotainment gadgets and an external awning. Prices of these items can vary, so you may want to set aside a few thousand dollars depending on what improvements you would like to make. 

You may want to base your choice of an RV loan term on the costs you estimate for RV ownership and what you can afford.

How Many Years Can I Finance a Used RV?

How many years you can finance a used RV or motorhome depends on your RV's quality and condition. A lender needs collateral to approve you for financing to ensure they will have something of value to sell if you fail to make your monthly payments. 

If an RV is an older model, it can be much more challenging to find long-term financing, and you may have a more limited term to repay your loan. Like a car, an RV can depreciate quickly, so your RV's value can drop dramatically after only a few years of use. How long you can finance a used motorhome also depends on your down payment and credit score. 

How Many Years Can You Finance an RV With Lenders?

If you are buying an inexpensive RV, you may want a shorter term, but for an expensive RV, a longer term may be the right choice.

Whether you should take out an RV loan with a shorter or longer term depends on your finances and goals. If you want a lower monthly payment, you may want to opt for a longer term. If you wish to pay less for the loan in total, you may aim to obtain a loan for a shorter term. 

A longer term can also get you a lower rate, and with no prepayment penalty, you can pay off your loan faster than expected. For example, if you choose the longest loan term possible at the lowest monthly payment and pay more than your required payment each month, you can effectively lower how much you pay in interest and shorten your loan term's length.

If you are buying an inexpensive RV, you may want a shorter term, but for an expensive RV, a longer term may be the right choice. Whatever is right for you, we offer flexible financing options at My Financing USA. When you choose us, you can finance an RV for as little as five years or as long as 20 years. You can also enjoy the following benefits when you work with us.

  • Credit protection: We protect your credit score by reducing the number of inquiries. 
  • Quick application approval: Receive funding for your RV loan application in only 48 to 72 hours.
  • Convenience: Sign your closing documents right from your phone.

Additionally, we offer extras like gap waivers and a tire and wheel program. Use our RV loan payment calculator today to see how your loan term can impact your monthly payment.

Apply for an RV Loan With My Financing USA

Apply for an RV Loan With My Financing USA. After you fill out our online application for an RV loan, you can get approved for financing in only 48 to 72 hours.

If you want to get behind the wheel of a new or used RV, turn to My Financing USA. Even if you do not have perfect credit, we can help make your dreams of RV ownership come true. We offer our services across the 48 contiguous states and can help you find the lowest available rates.

After you fill out our online application for an RV loan, you can get approved for financing in only 48 to 72 hours. We will reach out to discuss your application and ask about your expectations and goals. After we approve your application, we can start submitting your name to vendors. Apply online for an RV loan in only minutes with My Financing USA today. 

East Coast Road Trip Ideas

If you're looking for some USA road trip ideas, try the East Coast! With 14 states between the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Appalachian Mountains on the west, the East Coast has everything you could want for a road trip destination. Enjoy an endless array of flavors and activities across the Eastern Seaboard, from Miami's beaches to Maine's seafood shacks. 

This guide offers the best East Coast road trip ideas in the USA. Find great options for exploring big cities, small coastal towns and everything in between. 

Big City Road Trip Ideas up the East Coast 

Whether you're doing a short trip or an entire East Coast tour, hitting these major cities on your route is sure to give you a ton of fun East Coast road trip ideas. If you like exploring busy streets, learning about history or simply having a good time, these cities will provide everything you're looking for. Explore someplace new and discover the attractions that make up the cities on the Eastern Seaboard:

1. Miami, Florida

Lush glades and clear waters surround this sprawling city on the coast. If you're planning a trip, stopping in Miami is one of the best East Coast road trip ideas. Explore the beaches and islands of Miami for some world-class fun in the sun. For a quiet spot to relax and a family-friendly environment, try North Miami Beach. If you want to party, Miami's South Beach scene is renowned for showing visitors a good time. 

After beach time, explore the city's wonderful street food and bars in Little Havana. For activities the whole family will enjoy, visit the Miami Children's Museum and explore the Everglades National Park. If you want to do something edgy and unique, check out Miami's Museum of Graffiti

2. Savannah, Georgia

As one of the most historic cities in the South, Savannah has a wealth of activities to choose from.

Another idea for road trips on the East Coast includes a stop in Savannah. As one of the most historic cities in the South, Savannah has a wealth of activities to choose from. Shop along the historic Broughton Street and check out the unique Paris Market. Stroll down the historical cobblestones of River Street and bear witness to Savannah's rich, and at times dark, past. 

Give your feet a break with a trolley tour of Old Savannah — you can hop on and off at your convenience to learn about and explore the city at your own pace. If you're looking for something a little spooky, take a bone-chilling ghost tour of America's most haunted city.

3. Norfolk, Virginia

Another great East Coast USA road trip idea is a stop in Norfolk, Virginia. It's situated on the coast, so you can get all the benefits of a coastal city along with great inland activities. You can explore the Chesapeake Bay on a cruise or even learn to set sail with one of Norfolk's sailing programs.

For history buffs, take a short trip north to visit the remains of the first English settlement, Jamestown. Explore more history at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum and see a real-life warship, Battleship Wisconsin. Get active and take a bike ride down Elizabeth River Trail, right on the waterfront, or take a stroll in the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

4. Washington D.C.

Washington D.C., the United States capital city, is one of the best road trip ideas along the East Coast. This city has something for everyone.

Washington D.C., the United States capital city, is one of the best road trip ideas along the East Coast. This city has something for everyone. Visit the Capitol to see the Library of Congress and even take a tour of the White House. Or, visit one of the 17 museums of the Smithsonian Institution, like The National Museum of African American History and Culture. For something truly unique that kids will love, check out the International Spy Museum.

You can also check out the restaurants and bars of Georgetown. Visit Georgetown Piano Bar for a cool and classy night on the town, or make your way over to The Tombs, a welcoming pub offering classic American fare. After a long day exploring the city, stroll along the National Mall to see the beautiful monuments reflected in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.

5. Baltimore, Maryland

As another coastal city, Baltimore is a great stop for a road trip on the East Coast. Take a lunch or dinner cruise on the Inner Harbor for great views of the city and an unforgettable dining experience. Spend a day exploring Fell's Point, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. Stop by America's oldest continually operating saloon, The Horse You Came In On Saloon, for live music and great food.

Get a glimpse at the diverse sea life and extraordinary marvels of the ocean at the National Aquarium, which is perfect for all ages. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, let nearby Patapsco Valley State Park transport you into a peaceful and relaxing state of mind. Or, stick around in the city and enjoy simple sea fare and great views at a waterfront restaurant.

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia matches its rich history with an awesome culture to make it one of the best cities to visit on the East Coast.

No East Coast American road trip ideas are complete without a stop in Philadelphia. As the first World Heritage City in the United States, Philadelphia matches its rich history with an awesome culture to make it one of the best cities to visit on the East Coast. Check out Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell to see iconic foundations in the story of America's founding. 

For a look at incredible works of art from around the globe, visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art — as a bonus, on your way to the museum you'll get to walk up the famous steps from the movie "Rocky." You can also get a picture with the iconic Rocky statue at the bottom of the steps. Even though you're in the middle of a city, Philadelphia's beer garden scene is hopping. After exploring historic Philadelphia, stop by Independence Beer Garden or another outdoor establishment for a refreshing brew in a magical greenspace.

7. New York City, New York

As the most populous city in the United States, it might be easier to list what you can't do in New York City. Split into five boroughs, New York City has so much to explore. Some of the most notable tourist stops include the Statue of Liberty and Ellis IslandCentral Park and Times Square. In addition to tourist attractions, New York offers some of the best markets and spots for authentic cuisine from around the world.

For a heavy dose of arts and culture, check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Relax for a mid-day picnic in Central Park, the most visited urban park in the country. No matter when you visit, you can guarantee something fun is going on, from film and music festivals to parades and block parties. New York City isn't for the faint of heart, but it is a cool idea for an East Coast road trip destination.

8. Boston, Massachusetts 

Lovingly referred to as Beantown by its residents, stopping in Boston is another great road trip idea for an East Coast vacation. Learn about the city's rich multicultural history on one of the many walking or boat tours available. Step into the past at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum for a reenactment of that famous event. History buffs will love to round out the day with a trip to the Harvard Museum of Natural History

Boston has much more to offer than history lessons, however. Take your kids to the second oldest children's museum in the nation, Boston Children's Museum or the Boston Museum of Science for fun-filled activities. At the end of a long day of adventures, see why this city is becoming the craft brew capital of the USA by visiting one of the many local breweries.

Scenic Coastal Routes for Your Drive

Scenic Coastal Routes for Your Drive

One of the biggest draws of taking a road trip through the East Coast is the gorgeous views of the coastline. If you want to get acquainted with the true atmosphere of the East Coast, check out the scenic drives, small towns and natural preserves. Whether you want a long escape or a respite between visiting the big cities along the East Coast, these coastal getaways represent some of the best East Coast road trip vacation ideas.

With the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Appalachian Mountains to the west, the East Coast has no shortage of scenic views. Take one of these fantastic scenic routes for your road trip on the East Coast: 

  • Blue Ridge Parkway: An immensely popular road, the Blue Ridge Parkway spans nearly 500 miles from Virginia to North Carolina. Get fantastic views of Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Be aware that speed limits are slower than traditional highways.
  • Kancamagus Scenic Byway: This scenic route in New Hampshire is only 34 1/2 miles, but boasts some of the most incredible views of White Mountain National Forest. The 'Kanc' is especially popular during the fall season.
  • Historic National Road: Originally constructed around 300 years ago, this 170-mile route in Maryland will take you through history.
  • US 1: At a whopping 2,376 miles, this route takes you from the top of Maine in Fort Kent to the tip of Florida in Key West. Use parts of the route for a shorter trip, or take the full route for a long-haul road trip.

Enjoying Nature on Your Trip

While the West Coast may get more attention for its huge national parks, the East Coast has tons of beautiful natural lands to celebrate and explore. Add one or a few of these parks to your list of U.S. East Coast road trip ideas: 

  • Acadia National Park in Maine
  • Cape Cod National Seashore in Massachusetts 
  • Congaree National Park in South Carolina
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee
  • Everglades National Park in Florida
  • Biscayne National Park in Florida

Quaint Coastal Towns to Enjoy

For a truly relaxing vacation, check out one of these cozy small towns along the East Coast:

1. Marathon, Florida

Add Marathon to your list of East Coast road trip ideas for a truly unique destination. Spread across 13 beautiful islands between Key Largo and Key West, this town is an idyllic coastal paradise. Enjoy activities like snorkeling in the reef or dolphin tours, and unwind at one of the beachfront restaurants.

2. Bald Head Island, North Carolina

Bald Head Island is a great place to ditch the car and explore the lighthouses, beaches and quaint shops of this remote gem. Renowned for its turtle nesting activity, visitors can join local conservationists for a Turtle Walk to witness turtles nesting and hatching in the wild.

3. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Rehoboth Beach is a wonderful, family-friendly beach city along the Delaware coast.

Rehoboth Beach is a wonderful, family-friendly beach city along the Delaware coast. Enjoy walking on the mile-long boardwalk with its restaurants, shops and amusements. Rehoboth Beach also offers fun in the off-season with a variety of different festivals and fairs. 

4. Kennebunkport, Maine

Kennebunkport's claim to fame is that it hosts the summer home of former President George H. W. Bush and his family. Set out on a whale watching adventure from this city, or stay on land and explore the various shops and restaurants on the dock. A local favorite, the Clam Shack is famous for its lobster roll.

Ideas for a Food Tour of the East Coast

While the East Coast has tons to offer in scenic views and sunny beaches, the quality and variety of food you'll find along your road trip is unbeatable. Food tours are some of the most interesting road trip ideas on the East Coast, and they're guaranteed to satisfy the whole family. Check out these highlights from some of the major cities and regions on the East Coast:

1. Start in Little Havana

Begin your road trip in the south of Florida with a taste of Cuba. Little Havana, a neighborhood in Miami, is internationally renowned for its Cuban fare.

Begin your road trip in the south of Florida with a taste of Cuba. Little Havana, a neighborhood in Miami, is internationally renowned for its Cuban fare. Start your morning right with a cafecito or café con leche with pan Cubano — Cuban bread. If you are a serious foodie, you can take a walking food tour of Little Havana, or explore the restaurants on your own. Just don't forget to try the empanadas, pasteles and Cuban sandwiches.

2. Soul Food in Savannah

Even though it's a coastal city, Savannah has no shortage of soul food. Soul food was born from African Americans in the deep South and features dishes like fried chicken and fish, macaroni and cheese, okra, collard greens and cornbread. For great Southern food and hospitality, check out The Sisters of the New South. For an upscale Southern dining experience, stop by The Grey.

3. Oyster Roasts in South Carolina

South Carolina has been crowned the Napa Valley of Oysters for its oyster season, which spans from around September to March. These oysters are in demand all over the country, and they sell fast. For an authentic and rustic oyster shack, order from the famous Bowens Island Restaurant in Charleston. Pair your oysters with wine at SAVI Cucina and Wine Bar for a fine dining experience.

4. Baltimore Crab Cakes

The Chesapeake region is known for its seafood, but no dish is more popular than the Baltimore crab cake.

The Chesapeake region is known for its seafood, but no dish is more popular than the Baltimore crab cake. Maryland's "crab culture" is booming, and variations of this staple crop up in hundreds of restaurants in the area, particularly in Baltimore. Maryland likes crab so much they dedicate whole festivals to it — check out the Baltimore Seafood FestivalChesapeake Crab, Wine and Beer Festival, the Annual Queen Day Crab Feast and many others.

5. Philly Cheesesteaks

Nothing says Philly like a greasy, cheesy cheesesteak. In fact, two steak restaurants have been at war in Philly for around 50 years. Pat's King of Steaks and Geno's Steaks face off 24/7 as they are just across the street from each other. Teeming with a near-constant stream of tourists, these restaurants are a Philadelphia staple. Most locals have their own favorite spots — ask around and you'll see how many different restaurants claim "the best cheesesteak" title.

6. New Jersey Hoagies

Piled high with cured meats, cheeses and veggies, the hoagie is a staple of New Jersey cuisine. Depending on where you are, it goes by different names, including "sub" and "hero." This simple, handheld dish can have hundreds or thousands of variations, but most natives like it simple. Try a hoagie from an authentic deli, like Carmen's, for a true taste of Jersey.

7. Everything in New York

New Yorkers are extremely proud of their pizzas and bagels, and you can find some of the best examples of these items in this city.

New Yorkers are extremely proud of their pizzas and bagels, and you can find some of the best examples of these items in this city. You can also get so much more. New York has everything a foodie could desire, from truly authentic regional Chinese cuisine to obscure Ukrainian dishes you've never heard of. You could spend weeks here and still not try everything, which is why it's such a great food tourism destination.

8. Boston Is Beantown

Beans are so ingrained in Boston culture that the current baseball team, the Braves, was formerly called the Beaneaters. As early as colonial times, Bostonians made baked beans a staple of their diet. Cooked slowly in molasses, a tradition derived from the local American Indian tribes, beans became a staple dish, and visitors to Boston appreciated the quick, cheap meal so much the nickname Beantown stuck. 

9. End in Maine With Lobster Rolls

In the early days of New England settlement, lobster was readily available and therefore food for the poorer citizens. As tastes evolved, so did the lobster industry — now, lobster is an often expensive delicacy. The lobster roll brings back the humble roots of the lobster with its simple construction. Almost every seafood joint in New England offers their variation of lobster meat tossed in butter settled between two rolls. For a traditional lobster shack, try Red's Eats in Wiscasset or The Clam Shack in Kennebunkport.

Weekend Road Trip Ideas on the East Coast

If you don't have time for a long road trip, the East Coast is ripe with perfect weekend getaway locations. Spend a long weekend exploring Maine along the Acadia National Byway or island-hop from Key West to Key Largo. If you live near the East Coast, a short drive can take you someplace very different from where you live, which is a benefit of the East Coast's compact geography. 

You can also add a big city to your mini road trip ideas on the East Coast. Savannah, Georgia, is a fantastic weekend getaway for a girl's trip or fun for the whole family. Hit up some of the major sites in Washington D.C. or Philadelphia for a quick dose of history, or spend a weekend exploring New York City. The options are endless, and the East Coast has something for everyone.

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Hopefully these U.S. road trip ideas along the East Coast have inspired you to take your next vacation. Enjoy sandy beaches, great food and a huge variety of activities on your road trip up the East Coast. What could make this trip even more memorable? There's no better way to travel the East Coast than in a personal recreational vehicle (RV).

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West Coast Road Trip Ideas

Many adventurous travelers dream about a U.S. West Coast road trip. The U.S. West Coast offers thousands of miles of windswept beaches and lush forests between Canada and Mexico. Tucked among the natural wonders and beautiful vistas are quaint coastal towns and exciting world-class cities you need to experience to believe.

If you're ready for the adventure of a lifetime, check out this ultimate guide to West Coast of America road trip ideas. Below, you'll discover the top attractions to see on a U.S. West Coast road trip, where to park your RV while on the road and specific West Coast USA road trip routes.

U.S. West Coast Road Trip Ideas

From quirky roadside attractions to magnificent national parks and camping destinations, here are some of the best road trip ideas for the West Coast:

West Coast Roadside Attractions

Nothing brings more joy on a road trip than stumbling across strange landmarks and unique roadside attractions in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, the West Coast is home to numerous roadside sights people make long drives to see each year. If you plan your road trip route around fun roadside stops, the West Coast will be a wealth of amusement for you.

If you plan your road trip route around fun roadside stops, the West Coast will be a wealth of amusement for you.

Here are 10 top attractions to see up and down the West Coast:

  1. Trees of Mystery: Located in Klamath, California, this attraction features unusual attractions, such as two giant statues of Paul Bunyan and his ox, Babe.
  2. Cabazon Dinosaurs: These enormous dinosaur statues in Cabazon, California, are among the most popular roadside attractions in the country. Road trippers of all ages will love stopping to visit Dinny the Dinosaur and Mr. Rex.
  3. Salvation Mountain: This famous sight on the edge of San Diego is a surreal and brightly colored hillside shrine situated in the middle of California's desert country.
  4. Wild Horses Monument: This beautiful sculpture in Quincy, Washington, is dedicated to the state's centennial. If you love wild horses, you have to make a stop to see this collection of iron horses galloping along a ridgeline above the Columbia River Gorge.
  5. Forestiere Underground Gardens: These gardens are an impressively intricate series of underground passageways and subterranean structures. If you'll be anywhere near Fresno, you'll want to stop and explore this charming spot with your family.
  6. Octopus Tree: As the name implies, this old spruce tree in Tillamook, Oregon, is distinctly shaped like an octopus.
  7. The Oregon Vortex: Bring your family by this spooky roadside attraction in Gold Hill, Oregon, but be warned — the laws of physics are allegedly non-existent here due to paranormal activity.
  8. Oregon State Hospital Museum of Mental Health: If anyone in your family is a fan of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," you have to stop at this site where the movie was filmed. This museum in Salem, Oregon, now displays artifacts from the movie and archaic therapeutic techniques.
  9. Rosie: Rosie is a massive fish statue in Sekiu, Washington, that has legs and wears tennis shoes, a pink skirt and a bra. If you're into unique roadside attractions, this half-fish, half-human work of art is a must.
  10. Codger Pole: This huge totem pole in Colfax, Washington, commemorates local football players as they appeared in the 1930s when their first game took place. Sports fans of all sorts will appreciate this piece of public art that was dedicated to the rival cross-county teams during their final rematch in 1988.

West Coast National Parks

When you think of West Coast of America road trip ideas, you can't forget to look into national parks. The West Coast features some of the most stunning scenery in the country. If your family enjoys outdoor beauty and spectacular sights, you'll want to stop at as many national parks as you can.

 If your family enjoys outdoor beauty and spectacular sights, you'll want to stop at as many national parks as you can.

Check out the following West Coast national parks to get your fill of natural beauty:

  • Kings Canyon and Sequoia: These stunning national parks are situated next to each other in Southern California. Both parks are filled with awe-inspiring giant sequoias — one of the tallest types of trees in the world — and surrounded by the beautiful peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains.
  • Joshua Tree: This desert national park near Los Angeles features unique flora and fauna for you to admire. As a playground for the adventurous, Joshua Tree is a trendy destination among climbers, boulders and weekend warriors.
  • Yosemite: If you're in Northern California, you can't miss Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is a granite wonderland filled with some of the sheerest and most striking rock walls in the world. Hikers and rock climbers alike will enjoy the sights and activities Yosemite has to offer.
  • Redwood: Another Northern California treasure, Redwood National Forest is one of the best attractions along the West Coast. Redwood is home to some of the oldest and tallest trees on the map.
  • Death Valley: If you're up for a challenge, this national park in Southern California is one of the hottest and inhospitable places on the planet. Those who can handle the heat will be rewarded with scenes of surreal geology, enormous dunes and majestic mountains. Make sure you pack plenty of water if you plan on visiting this dry and arid spot.
  • Pinnacles: This Northern California national park was designated to preserve a mountainous area full of gorgeous rock formations and a large population of local bats. Visit Pinnacles National Park if you're interested in cave exploration, rock climbing or California Condor viewing.
  • Channel Islands: The Channel Islands National Park in Southern California provides vast ecological diversity, making it the perfect spot for scuba diving, whale watching and hiking. You'll get to explore trails to lighthouses, sea caves and rare pine forests.
  • Lassen Volcanic: This Northern California national park is best known for its active volcanoes and bubbling thermal pools. The park's beautiful combination of lava rocks, lakes, summits and hydrothermal sites makes it one of California's best places to camp.
  • Crater Lake: If you pass through Oregon, make sure you stop at the state's only national park — Crater Lake. This breathtaking spot is home to an astonishingly deep and clear lake situated in a collapsed caldera surrounded by gorgeous mountain peaks.
  • North Cascades: The North Cascades National Park is a vast and wild mountain range commonly referred to as the Alps of the U.S. While hiking the North Cascades, you'll be mesmerized by the deep forested valleys, snow-capped peaks, cascading waterfalls and glistening glaciers. Make sure you check out Diablo Lake for a phenomenal overlook.
  • Mount Rainier: This Washington national park is an alpine paradise home to the highest summit in the Cascades and the largest glaciers in the Continental States. Mount Rainier itself is a dormant volcano that offers some of the best views in Washington.
  • Olympic National Park: Located on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, this national park is one of the most geographically diverse regions along the entire West Coast. From mountains and glaciers to rainforest and rugged coastlines, you can take in multiple dimensions of nature in a single park stop.

If you plan to include some national parks in your West Coast road trip routes, you may want to save some money by purchasing an America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass. This annual pass covers entrance and basic amenities fees for more than 2,000 federal recreation sites throughout the U.S. If you consider the cost of exploring a national park for the day, you'll see that the pass quickly pays for itself.

West Coast Camping Options

If your family loves a bit of adventure as well as nature, camping is a fantastic way to experience the West Coast. Loading the whole family up into an RV and hitting the road will allow you to see some of the most spectacular West Coast sights without worrying about booking hotels. Camping is also one of the best West Coast family road trip ideas because it lets you go to sleep and wake up in the heart of some of the country's most beautiful landscapes.

Camping is also one of the best West Coast family road trip ideas because it lets you go to sleep and wake up in the heart of some of the country's most beautiful landscapes.

The West Coast offers a wide variety of campgrounds with differing rates and amenities. In general, there are four kinds of campgrounds — private, public, dispersed and backcountry.

  • Private: These large campgrounds provide the most amenities, including showers, communal kitchens and sometimes even onsite restaurants. If your family enjoys the comfort of modern amenities, private campsites are the right choice for you. Keep in mind that this option is the most expensive because it offers more luxuries.
  • Public: Public campgrounds are a bit more basic than private campsites but still provide standard amenities. While public campgrounds are supposed to include running water, bathrooms and electricity, some may not. However, the prices for public campsites are extremely reasonable.
  • Dispersed: Also known as primitive camping or wild camping, dispersed camping refers to camping in an unofficial but legal campsite. Although dispersed camping comes with little to no amenities, it's almost always free.
  • Backcountry: Backcountry camping occurs in wilderness areas and nearly always requires a hike to reach the site. These campgrounds don't include any facilities so you'll have to bring your own food, cooking gear and other camp supplies. Typically, backcountry camping requires having a permit you can get from the nearest ranger station.

When planning your West Coast camping stops, keep in mind most campgrounds fill up quickly, especially those located at national parks. Try to book your campsite in advance to ensure you have a place to stay each night of your trip. Most campgrounds have walk-up sites available, but you'll need to arrive early enough to secure a spot.

West Coast Road Trip Routes

West Coast Road Trip Routes

Check out five of the best West Coast road trip route options below.

1. Pacific Coast Highway

Also referred to as California State Route 1, the Pacific Coast Highway is one of the nation's most famous road trip routes. This marvelous highway spans 600 miles of California coastline from Los Angeles to Mendocino County. In between these points, the highway passes through the picturesque views of Big Sur, the illustrious Golden Gate Bridge and more.

If you're intrigued by the Pacific Coast Highway, here are a few top tips for cruising the California Coast from top to bottom:

  • Start in San Francisco: Before hitting the road, you'll want to check out the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and spend some time walking around the downtown area. Visit the city's Golden Gate Park, which covers over 1,000 acres of grounds and includes a Japanese tea garden, multiple world-class museums, a windmill and a herd of buffalo.
  • Snap photos at Big Sur: Big Sur is one of the most scenic sections of California's coastline. Dotted with rugged mountain peaks and enchanting redwood forests, Big Sur is a natural wonder. Swing by the Bixby Creek Bridge to get an unbelievable ocean view from the aesthetically designed bridge.
  • Stay the night in Morro Bay: This small city on a large bay is home to incredible wildlife, such as sea otters, monarch butterflies and hummingbirds. The Morro Bay State Park offers plenty of opportunities for you to encounter these animals and several trails so you can see the sights while stretching your legs.
  • Sip some California wine:As you continue down the coast, make some stops at the local wineries around San Luis Obispo, Santa Ynez Valley and Edna Valley. After visiting these famous wine destinations, you'll understand why California is so well-known for its vineyards.
Sip some California wine:As you continue down the coast, make some stops at the local wineries around San Luis Obispo, Santa Ynez Valley and Edna Valley.
  • Shop in Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara is the intersection of California's trademark glitzy culture and its casual beaches. You can spend all day lounging on the beach or shop until you drop in the city's exciting arts district. Along with admiring the ocean, you'll have a great time gawking at the impressive mansions scattered throughout Santa Barbara.
  • Surf in the South Bay area: As you keep driving, you'll come across Malibu, Santa Monica and the South Bay area. Make a pit stop to enjoy the area's beautiful beaches and catch a couple of waves. Whether you're a surfing fan or more into sunbathing, the South Bay area will be a welcome stop along your West Coast road trip.
  • Search for stars in Los Angeles: This California cultural hub is a must-see. You'll find endless activities in Los Angeles, old-fashioned food markets, first-class art museums, famous malls and five-star restaurants. You'll also get to experience the many personalities of Los Angeles, from Old Hollywood glamour to modern hipster.
  • Stop at Dana Point: This sunny Orange County city is an excellent place for spotting dolphins and whales. Take a whale-watching cruise or hop on a trail at Dana Point Headlands Conservation Area to see the city's extensive ocean vistas and fascinating fauna.
  • Soak up the sun in San Diego: San Diego is the perfect place to end your California road trip. You can go out with a bang by visiting the city's lively downtown area, SeaWorld and Balboa Park — home to botanical gardens, numerous museums and the San Diego Zoo. If being on the road has tired you out, you can close out your trip relaxing on San Diego's sandy beaches and basking in some rays.

2. Oregon Coast Highway 101

Although slightly less well-known, the Oregon Coast is equally as impressive as the California Coast. The Oregon Coast spans hundreds of miles from Astoria and the Columbia River in the north, down to the border of California in the south. This scenic drive has roadside attractions like historical shipwrecks, towering sea stacks and incredible ocean views.

Although slightly less well-known, the Oregon Coast is equally as impressive as the California Coast.

Whether you're starting from California or Seattle, your trip along the Oregon Coast Highway will include striking coastlines, charming towns, tide pools and plenty of marine life. Some of the best places to pull over include the scenic vistas of Cape Perpetua, Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Center and the Oregon Dunes, which offers overnight accommodations.

Other popular Oregon Coast attractions include Newport's Yaquina Head Lighthouse, the Astoria-Megler Bridge and Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach. If you're looking for West Coast family reunion road trip ideas, meeting up on the coast of Oregon will be memorable. Essentially, the Oregon Coast is full of adventure and unpredictable weather, so make sure you bring rain gear, beach supplies, hiking equipment and a camera.

3. Washington Cascades Loop

To get the full flavor of Washington's splendid cities, mountains, sights and scenes, you'll likely want to complete the 440-mile Cascade Loop. The route begins in the culturally rich city of Seattle and can be taken north toward Anacortes to connect with the North Cascades Scenic Byway. This 120-mile stretch takes travelers through some of the most dramatic landscapes in Washington.

You'll find incredible hiking trails and the top-rated campsites of North Cascades National Park along the byway. Specifically, Diablo Lake is extremely accessible from the byway and boasts a beautiful lake view. You'll also be able to spot gorgeous glaciers and striking mountain peaks.

The Cascade Loop's southern section passes through additional road trip attractions, such as Leavenworth — a German-inspired area featuring beautiful alpine mountains and lively local cultural festivities. The irresistible charm of Leavenworth draws a multitude of tourists each year and even converts some to residents.

If you're interested in adventurous activities like skiing, hiking or white water rafting, make sure you stop at Stevens Pass. After getting your adrenaline fill, you can take U.S. Route 2 back to Seattle to complete the loop. Try to build some extra time into your itinerary to explore Seattle because you don't want to miss the city's top attractions.

 Try to build some extra time into your itinerary to explore Seattle because you don't want to miss the city's top attractions.

During your tourist days in Seattle, make sure to hit these sites:

  • The Space Needle
  • Pike Place Market
  • The Museum of Pop Culture
  • The Seattle Art Museum
  • Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum

4. Eastern California

The inland portion of California has a diversity of national parklands and natural beauty. Full of shimmering lakes, postcard-worthy peaks and lush forests, the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California are breathtaking. You can start your scenic Eastern California road trip by hopping on Highway 395 to South Lake Tahoe — home of the shimmering Emerald Bay State Park.

Continuing south, you'll run across Mammoth Lakes, which is a prime destination for anyone who loves hiking, mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding. After Mammoth Lakes, make sure you circle back to see Yosemite National Park. Home to North America's tallest waterfall — Yosemite Falls — and a 3,000-foot tall granite monolith known as El Capitan, Yosemite is a crucial stop on any road trip route.

Home to North America's tallest waterfall — Yosemite Falls — and a 3,000-foot tall granite monolith known as El Capitan, Yosemite is a crucial stop on any road trip route.

After you're done exploring Yosemite, make sure you don't miss the mystical snow-capped wonder of Mount Whitney. Mount Whitney is the tallest mountain top within the contiguous United States. Hiking some or all of Mount Whitney is an epic way to wrap up your road trip. If you have some extra time, be sure to check out Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park — the two sensational parks that sandwich Mount Whitney.

5. West Coast National Parks

If you're feeling ambitious, a national parks tour might be the best route for your West Coast road trip. Among Washington, Oregon and California, you have a nearly endless selection of national parks, state parks, historical reserves and designated wilderness areas to explore.

For the ultimate West Coast national park experience, try following this giant loop:

  • Start in Los Angeles and travel east to Joshua Tree National Park.
  • From Joshua Tree, head up to Death Valley.
  • Go from Death Valley to Kings Canyon National Parks.
  • Make the short drive over to Yosemite National Park.
  • Following Yosemite, keep traveling north to Lassen Volcanic National Park.
  • From Lassen Volcanic National Park, cross over into Oregon to see Crater Lake.
  • On your way up from Crater Lake, stop to check out the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.
  • Continue driving north into Washington to see Mount Saint Helens.
  • After admiring Mount Saint Helens, pop up to another impressive peak — Mount Rainier.
  • Once you've explored Mount Rainier, drive up to North Cascades National Park, which will be the height of your road trip loop.
  • Following the North Cascades, you'll start driving south to Olympic National Park.
  • Keep going south into Oregon to see the dazzling Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.
  • After the Oregon Dunes, make a stop at the Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve.
  • Once you've gotten your fill of caves, keep going south into California to Redwood National Park.
  • From Redwood National Park, enjoying driving down the California coast until you reach Point Reyes National Seashore.
  • After resting up at Point Reyes, keep going south to Pinnacles National Park.
  • Proceed from Pinnacles National Park to Channel Islands National Park, the final new destination on your road trip map.
  • Come full circle by driving from Channel Islands National Park to Los Angeles, completing your West Coast National Parks Road Trip.

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Midwest Road Trip Ideas

The Midwest includes 12 states, which collectively cover about 821,000 square miles. That's a lot of land to cover! When planning a road trip through Midwest towns, there's so much material to go through. Discover the best places to road trip in the Midwest and make your trip the best it can be. This guide will make it as easy as possible to map out your plans so you can focus on making memories on the road.

If you're looking to explore the Midwestern United States, these Midwest road trip ideas won't steer you wrong.

Road Trip Routes 

A route through the Midwest is a fantastic way to see as much as possible of this wonderful region. If you're unsure where to go, check out these options for routes through the Midwest and make your road trip one to remember.

Popular City-to-City Routes

Popular City-to-City Routes

There are so many fantastic cities to visit and sights to see in the Midwest, so some of the best Midwest road trip ideas involve traveling from city to city. This option is great if you can't decide on just one place to visit. See as much as you can of this beautiful region by traveling between popular cities.  

1. Travel Route 66 from Chicago to St. Louis

This Midwest road trip route follows the historic Route 66, beginning in Chicago, Illinois and stopping in St. Louis, Missouri. Route 66 features countless unique stops and gorgeous views of the country. Start with a famous deep-dish pizza in Chicago and visit the Bean in Millenium Park. Then, travel down to Springfield to visit the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. 

At the end of your trip, you'll find yourself in beautiful St. Louis, so visit the must-see City Museum and, of course, that famous arch at Gateway Arch National Park.

2. St. Louis to Kansas City

Whether you add this onto your Route 66 trip or want to make it its own vacation, traveling between St. Louis and Kansas City is one of the best Midwest road trips. In St. Louis, visit the beautiful Missouri Botanical Gardens and marvel at over 6.6 million different species there. These nationally ranked gardens are rivaled in size only by the one in New York.

As you make your way to Kansas City, stop in Hermann to be transported into wine country. Nestled amidst vineyards and wineries, with a trolley through town to transport you safely between them, this is the perfect stop for wine buffs. 

Finally, Kansas City is famous for its jazz scene. But don't forget to try some of their famous barbecue at countless authentic restaurants in the area. 

3. Indianapolis to Boyne City

Make your way from bustling Indianapolis, Indiana to the charming Boyne City, Michigan on this great Midwest road trip. If you want to go fast, check out the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, or delight the kids at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Then, hit Grand Rapids on your way to Boyne City to check out the renowned breweries and walk along the Grand River.

In Boyne City, relax on the beautiful Lake Charlevoix in the summertime or ski down the slopes of Boyne Mountain in the winter. This charming small town is the perfect bookend to one of the greatest Midwest road trips.

4. Milwaukee to Wisconsin Dells

Nestled on the shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee boasts some gorgeous lake views. Explore the unique "living museum" Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, also known as The Domes. Then, relax from a day of exploring the city at a lakefront brewery.

A short drive lands you in Wisconsin Dells. The kids will love the variety of amusements here, including Wizard Quest and Wisconsin Deer Park, a 40-acre petting zoo. You can also enjoy many outdoor adventures in the Dells, like ziplining, horseback riding, hiking trails and boat tours.

Take the Scenic Route

If you're truly looking for breathtaking views, these roads offer some of the most scenic road trips in the Midwest.

  • Hocking Hills Scenic Byway — Ohio
  • Wilderness Byway — Minnesota
  • The Ohio River Scenic Byway — Indiana
  • Needles Highway — South Dakota
  • Chan Sansan Scenic Byway — North Dakota
  • Lake Michigan Scenic Highway — Michigan
  • Great River Road — Iowa
  • Flint Hills National Scenic Byway — Kansas
  • Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive — Illinois
  • Door County Coastal Byway — Wisconsin

Coast to Coast Routes

Start in a big city like Chicago to be sure to have all the supplies you need. Then, you can take historic Route 66 all the way to the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles.

If you want to travel to the coast, try a Midwest to West Coast road trip. Start in a big city like Chicago to be sure to have all the supplies you need. Then, you can take historic Route 66 all the way to the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, or travel a different route where you hit major cities like St. Louis, Denver, Portland or Seattle. Don't forget to stop by and see Yellowstone, the beautiful Rocky Mountains and the Grand Canyon on your way west.

For a great Midwest to East Coast road trip, start in Chicago and head south to Indianapolis and Cincinnati. From there, stop in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia as you make your way to the coast. Then, travel up the Eastern Seaboard through New York and Boston, hitting some of the beautiful seaside towns on your way up the east coast.

State-by-State Road Trip Destinations in the Midwest 

The Midwest is full of fun and exciting things to do, but it's not always easy to pinpoint where you want to visit.

The Midwest is full of fun and exciting things to do, but it's not always easy to pinpoint where you want to visit. If you're looking for the best road trip destinations in the Midwest, these ideas will give you everything you need to know. You'll discover the major cities, popular parks and outdoor adventures, fun activities for the kids and some suggestions for destinations off the beaten path for good road trip destinations in each Midwest state.


Major Cities

Chicago is the largest city in Illinois and the third-largest city in the entire U.S. If you love the hustle and bustle of a big city, then this destination is the perfect stop for your road trip through the Midwest. 

Get Outdoors

Illinois has some fantastic opportunities for visitors to get out and enjoy nature. Some of the great parks to visit include:

  • Shawnee National Forest
  • Matthiessen State Park
  • Starved Rock State Park
  • Giant City State Park

Fun for the Kids

Some of the most popular Midwest road trip stops for kids in Illinois include:

Off the Beaten Path

Check out these unique travel destination in Illinois:

  • Stay in a treehouse cabin at Timber Ridge Outpost and Cabins in Elizabethtown.
  • Take a picture with the world's largest ketchup bottle in Collinsville.
  • Visit Chester to see the Popeye Character Trail.
  • See one of the largest collections of Superman memorabilia in Metropolis.


Get Outdoors  - Some of the best state parks in Indiana.

Major Cities

Indianapolis is the largest city in Indiana and a fantastic example of road trip destinations in the Midwest. 

Get Outdoors

Some of the best state parks in Indiana are:

  • Tippecanoe State Park 
  • Turkey Run State Park
  • McCormick's Creek State Park
  • Indiana Dunes State Park

Fun for the Kids

If you want some fun road trip destinations in the Midwest, look no further than these kids-friendly attractions in Indiana:

Off the Beaten Path

If you want something unique to add to your Midwest road trip vacation ideas, check out these attractions in Indiana:

  • See the covered bridges of Parke County.
  • Get great photos of the kids at the Garfield Trail in Grant County.
  • Howl with wolves at Wolf Park in Battle Ground.


Major Cities

Des Moines and Cedar Rapids are the two largest cities in Iowa. Even with tons to do, both these cities maintain a charming small-town feel.

Get Outdoors

The best places to access nature in Iowa include: 

  • Fossil and Prairie Park and Nature Center
  • Beed's Lake State Park
  • Maquoketa Caves State Park
  • Three Mile Lake
Kids can find ample attractions to enjoy in Iowa

Fun for the Kids

Kids can find ample attractions to enjoy in Iowa, such as:

Off the Beaten Path

If you want an Iowa experience like no other, check out these one-of-a-kind stops:

  • Keep your balance on the swinging bridge in Columbus Junction.
  • Visit the house that inspired Grant Wood's famous American Gothic painting in Eldon.
  • Climb up the Big Treehouse in Marshalltown.
  • Stop by the future birthplace of Starfleet Captian James T. Kirk in Riverside.


Major Cities

Wichita is the largest city in Kansas, with a deep history and a rich cultural center. 

Get Outdoors

Enjoy the fields and wide-open prairies of Kansas in these state and national parks:

  • Shawnee Mission State Park
  • Prairie National Park
  • Tuttle Creek State Park
  • Prairie Dog State Park

Fun for the Kids

Bring the kids for fun in Kansas and visit one of the many family-friendly sites, such as:

Off the Beaten Path

Have fun on your road trip in Midwest USA at some of these unique Kansas sites:

  • Tour the original Pizza Hut that's now a museum in Wichita.
  • See the World's Largest Ball of Twine in Cawker City.
  • Drive by a giant Van Gough painting in Goodland.


Major Cities

Know as a hub for the auto industry and the birthplace of Motown, Detroit has tons to offer visitors on a road trip through the Midwest.

Get Outdoors

You'll find much to enjoy outdoors on this pleasant peninsula, including: 

  • Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
  • Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
  • Huron National Wildlife Refuge

Fun for the Kids

Michigan has some fantastic family-friendly attractions:

Off the Beaten Path

Make your Midwest USA road trip one to remember with these fun stops:

  • Visit a beautiful freshwater spring called Kitch-iti-kipi near Manistique.
  • See the medieval-inspired Curwood Castle in Owosso.
  • Walk through the Graffiti Alley of Ann Arbor.
  • Check out the Pickle Barrel House in Grand Marais.


Major Cities

Minneapolis-St. Paul, also known as the twin cities, will double your fun on your U.S. Midwest road trip.

Get Outdoors

Enjoy the land of 10,000 lakes on your Midwest camping road trip at one of these fantastic state parks:

  • Banning State Park
  • Blue Mounds State Park
  • Glacial Lakes State Park
  • Gooseberry Falls State Park

Fun for the Kids

Have a blast with your kids at these fun stops:

Off the Beaten Path

These off-the-beaten-path destinations will make your Midwest road trip one to remember:

  • See a gas station designed by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright in Cloquet.
  • Take a selfie with the Jolly Green Giant statue in Blue Earth.
  • Visit Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, or at least their statues, in Bemidji.


Major Cities

Kansas City and St. Louis are the major cities in Missouri, but there's a lot of fun to be had in between.

Get Outdoors

Get in touch with nature at these gorgeous parks:

  • Castlewood State Park
  • Taum Sauk Mountain State Park
  • Elephant Rocks State Park
  • Hawn State Park

Fun for the Kids

Entertain the kiddos at one of these family-friendly stops:

Off the Beaten Path

Make your vacation one-of-a-kind at these Missouri stops:

  • Go to Columbia to visit the Devil's Ice Box.
  • Get up close and personal with bats at the Bat Bar in Lost Canyon Cave.
  • Visit Maxie, the world's largest goose in Sumner.


Major Cities

As their tourism slogan states, Nebraska may not be for everyone — but Omaha and Lincoln are still terrific destinations.

Get Outdoors

See the great wide open as it was truly intended in these Nebraska parks:

  • Platte River State Park
  • Niobrara National Scenic River
  • Ponca State Park
  • Smith Falls State Park

Fun for the Kids

Your kids will marvel at these Nebraska stops:

Off the Beaten Path

Check out these interesting road trip destinations in the Midwest:

  • Visit the smallest town in America, Monowi. 
  • See the automotive replica of Stonehenge, called Carhenge in Alliance.
  • Explore the Ashfall Fossil Beds in Royal.

North Dakota

Get Outdoors. Spend time in the outdoors with North Dakota's beautiful parks.

Major Cities

North Dakota gives small towns a new meaning, but you can always find something to do in Bismarck and Fargo.

Get Outdoors

Spend time in the outdoors with its beautiful parks:

  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park
  • Little Missouri State Park
  • Sully Creek State Park
  • Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

Fun for the Kids

Entertain your children at these wonderful kid-friendly North Dakota stops:

Off the Beaten Path

Enjoy one of these off-the-wall destinations:

  • See the Enchanted Highway Sculptures of Regent.
  • Fans of the film "Fargo" can see the famous wood chipper on display in the town itself.
  • Say hello to Salem Sue, the world's largest Holstein cow.


Major Cities

Known as the three Cs, Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland are the perfect trifecta for a road trip through Ohio.

Get Outdoors

Become one with nature at these beautiful Ohio parks:

  • Hocking Hills State Park
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park
  • John Bryan State Park
  • Cleveland Lakefront State Park

Fun for the Kids

Kids can't complain about any of these fun Midwest road trip stops:

Off the Beaten Path

Do something you'll remember forever at these interesting Ohio destinations:

  • Have a drink and explore Crystal Cave in Put-in-Bay.
  • See the grave of famous sharpshooter Annie Oakley in Versailles.
  • Visit the historic Leatherlips Monument in Powell.

South Dakota

Major Cities

Get a pick-me-up in Sioux Falls and take it slow in Rapid City as you travel through South Dakota.

Get Outdoors

While famous for their Badlands, South Dakota actually has pretty good lands for a Midwest national parks road trip:

  • Badlands National Park
  • Custer State Park
  • Mount Rushmore National Memorial
  • Wind Cave National Park

Fun for the Kids

Explore some of the western world at these kid-friendly locations:

Off the Beaten Path

Do the unexpected at these unique South Dakota destinations:

  • See the haunted Hotel Alex Johnson in Rapid City.
  • Visit Art Ally, also in Rapid City.
  • Stop by the abandoned Spokane Ghost Town in Hermosa.


Major Cities

Milwaukee and Madison are two of the best road trip destinations in the Midwest.

Get Outdoors

You won't find anything lacking in Wisconsin's natural world, so visit these beautiful parks:

  • Devil's Lake State Park
  • Willow River State Park
  • Lakeshore State Park
  • Rib Mountain State Park
Wisconsin Fun for the Kids Road Trip Stops

Fun for the Kids

Your kids might even call it a cool Midwest road trip if you stop at one of these fun destinations:

Off the Beaten Path

Have a one-of-a-kind experience at these one-of-a-kind Wisconsin road trip stops:

  • Defy gravity on Gravity Hill in Shullsburg.
  • Hang out at Swing Park in Milwaukee.
  • Eat at the oldest continually operating lunch car diner, Franks Diner in Kenosha.

Midwest Weekend Road Trips

Midwest Weekend Road Trips. Some other weekend Midwest road trip ideas include checking out quaint, small towns. This idea is fantastic if you want an idyllic and relaxing getaway. Escape the fast pace of everyday life in one of the small towns around the Midwest.

For a shorter trip, take weekend road trips in the Midwest. If you want a big-city vacation, check out Chicago, St. Louis or one of the other major cities in the Midwest. The larger cities in the Midwest can easily fill up a weekend with fun and adventure and will leave you wanting to come back for more.

Some other weekend Midwest road trip ideas include checking out quaint, small towns. This idea is fantastic if you want an idyllic and relaxing getaway. Escape the fast pace of everyday life in one of the small towns around the Midwest. Luckily, most small towns have plenty to entertain for your weekend road trips in the Midwest

RV Loan Financing to Make Every Road Trip Memorable

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